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Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, and adopt your new Adult Papillon. Puppy or adult, they'll let you know if they're getting tired by stopping or sitting. Although they grow up to be sturdy little dogs, Papillon puppies can be fragile.

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Maggie is a Papillon and Lucy is a Jack Russel. Both dogs are about 5, in nice health, loving beyond belief, impeccably trained, good wit. Papillons are in the Toy Dog category, with small, fine bones and short stature. Adult Papillons grow to be approximately eight to 11 inches tall and weigh four to six pounds. They have long hair that sheds and should be brushed frequently to prevent tangles and mats. Papillons have a playful, friendly personality.Author: Mychelle Blake.

Papillon. The quick, curious Papillon is a toy dog of singular beauty and upbeat athleticism. Despite his refined appearance, the Pap is truly a “doggy dog” blessed with a hardy constitution. Papillon fanciers describe their breed as happy, alert, and friendly. Grooming. The AKC calls the breed a Papillon, with Phalene being the name for the drop-eared variety, whereas the FCI calls the breed a Continental Toy Spaniel with two varieties: Papillon for the erect-eared dogs and Phalene for the drop-eared dogs. In the United States and according to the AKC standard, Papillons (erect-eared).