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In 2001 NIOSH contracted with Anthrotech of Yellow Springs, OH, to develop an anthropometric data base representing the heads and faces of U.S. civilian respirator users. A secondary objective was to obtain a subset of three-dimensional head-and-face scans for the purpose of future research in the relationships between head-and-face. Anthropometry, the measurement of human dimensions, is a well-established field with techniques that have been honed over decades of work. The U.S. military, in particular, has performed a number of comprehensive anthropometric studies to provide information for use in the design of military clothing and equipment (Gordon et al., 1989).

Head circumference measurements were made using a plastic head circumference measurement tape. Upper arm length was measured with a tape measure from the posterior border of the acromion process to the tip of the olecranon process; during the measurement the upper arm length midpoint was marked. The mid-arm circumference wasCited by: 308. stadiometer, and infant measurement board are all contained in this room. The body measurement room is shared with the allergy component and the MEC computer. 2.2 Description of Equipment and Supplies The equipment and supplies necessary for body measurements are as follows: Body measurement table Toledo self-zeroing weight scale Stadiometer.

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Sep 01, 2008 · The values obtained for both measurement sessions were analyzed by t-test, showing a significant difference (P circumference, bitragion frontal arc, bigonial breadth, neck circumference, nose breadth and subnasale–sellion length. The mean differences were within 1 mm with the exception of one Cited by: 59. Apr 24, 2018 · c. Body Circumference Changes - Body circumference changes occur in microgravity such as shown in Figure These changes are due to fluid shifts toward the head. d. Mass Loss - The total mass of the body decreases by 3% to 4%.