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May 21, 2016 · Note how process and product converge. For adults, learning the piano is playing the piano. The process is at the same time the outcome. Emphasis is on the playing—not years later but in the here and now. Joy is in the music making. And joy is in the lesson dialogue. For adults, the reward is being on the piano adventure! I check the Piano World Teachers’ Forum every week – it’s a great place for teachers to share ideas and help each other with teaching issues. Piano World also has an Adult Beginners’ Forum which is great for students. Adults may also like to check out their Pianist’s Corner.

May 16, 2014 · There is no better way to quash an adult student's enthusiasm than to teach a piece that doesn't inspire them. Children might tolerate a piece or two they don't care for. Adults won't. Even if they say they will, they won't practice anything you give them unless they like it. It takes an adult longer to learn new physical skills than a child. Adult Methods. Play by Choice. This is one of the best beginning adult methods available. Mr. Kern has organized a teaching method that treats adults as adults. The multi-faceted approach to learning basic concepts is one that is pedagogically sound and acknowledges the fact that no two people learn the same concepts in the exact same way.

DESIGNER PIANO TEACHERS. Given that teachers are in command of piano and musicianship skills, the piano teacher needs to be: Caring A positive concern for the student will enable students to realise their potential. The concern needs to be for the total person . Teaching Adults. Special Needs of Adult Students; Adults' Fear of Playing in Public. Teaching Beginners. What to Teach at the First Lesson; Ear-Training for Beginners; What Beginners Need; The Kind of Music Beginners Need; Arranging/Composing Music for Beginners; Your Beginner's First Noel. Piano Methods. Designing Your Own Piano Method. See also various similar answers on the pedagogy QA .