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Breast ultrasound is an important modality in breast imaging. It is the usual initial breast imaging modality in those under 30 years of age in many countries ref.. In assessing for malignancy, it is important to remember that one must use the most suspicious feature of three modalities (pathology, ultrasound and mammography) to guide management. Breast augmentation and breast lift procedures are done only for cosmetic reasons, whereas breast reduction is sometimes medically indicated. In cases where a woman's breasts are severely asymmetrical, surgery can be performed to either enlarge the smaller breast, reduce the size of Artery: internal thoracic artery.

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Quadrants of the Breast. Note: C50.6 is the code for axillary tail or tail of breast. «Previous (Anatomy) Next (Regional Lymph Nodes). Jul 25, 2019 · The breast bone, also known as the sternum, is a long, flat bone located in the middle of the chest region of the human body.The bone is connected to the ribs by a flexible type of connective tissue called cartilage.The primary role of this bone is to protect the heart and lungs from any type of physical trauma.While a fracture of the sternum is not a common injury, it does sometimes happen.

Normal breast tissue showing: i.the premammary zone (skin and overlying breast fat) ii.the mammary zone (fibroglandular tissue) iii.the retro-mammary zone (predominantly fat and the muscles of the chest wall) Normal lactating breast tissue: The prominent fluid filled . Nearly all breast pathology originates in the TDLU; Most malignancies arise from the terminal duct near the junction of the intralobular and extralobular segments; Most TDLUs are in the anterior breast, therefore most breast pathology arises in the superficial half of the mammary zone, just deep to the superficial layer of the superficial fascia.